Think long term

As an infrastructure company that manages roads over the course of decades, long-term thinking is crucial to everything we do. We believe that our long-term focus aligns with the needs of the cities where we operate, our government clients, communities and customers.

We look for innovative transport solutions that will create efficient and safe transport networks and liveable cities. In addition to the efficient operations of our networks and the successful delivery of our $9 billion project pipeline, we also have a number of development opportunities that are being considered across markets.

On the operational side, we are focusing on identifying and developing crucial infrastructure needed to fill missing links in our cities’ transport networks. We also seek to constantly improve Transurban’s existing assets through infrastructure upgrades, operational improvements, new technology and roadside regeneration.

We aim to contribute to the evolution of Australia’s transport funding model. We believe in the need to make fundamental changes to the way roads are funded to create a sustainable, fair and flexible solution for the future. A model that is built on the principle of those who benefit, pay, achieves this.

We have a long-term focus on preparing for changes in technology within our own business, the broader transport sector and society. Advances in technology are presenting a range of new opportunities for road operators across all aspects of transportation systems including the way we interact with vehicles, roadside systems and road users. One of the most significant changes will be the arrival of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and we are preparing to ensure our infrastructure is ready to adapt and realise the benefits.

Our focus on the long term helps us to identify and manage risks and opportunities. We believe that this has played a role in the growth our business has experienced and our strong financial results.  Details of Transurban’s financial performance are available in our FY16 full-year results and FY16 Annual Report.

Innovation Grant
funding to date

Number of ‘Motorscapes’
projects to date

Project sustainability
ratings to date


Power St Loop – Melbourne,
M2 Macquarie Park– Sydney

3 underway
(1 committed)

Motorscapes projects are roadside regeneration projects that typically include revegetation with locally native plants and iconic public art installations.

GRI G4 Indicators

  • Economic performance DMA
  • Indirect economic impacts DMA
  • G4-9
  • EC1
  • EC7
  • EC8